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Welcome to the Brain Health Center, a truly unique place based on holistic and comprehensive principles of wellness.

Welcome to The Brain Health Center by Dr. Nussbaum

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Dr. Nussbaum has worked over 20 years pioneering his approach to brain health across the lifespan (see www.brainhealthctr.com). His Brain Health Lifestyle ® has been published and presented across the world and applied in many sectors of society including education, business, health, media, and libraries. The Brain Health Center, Inc. represents his latest step in providing an epicenter for his approach to brain health and wellness.

The Brain Health Center is a one-of-a-kind setting that operates from Dr. Nussbaum’s philosophy and approach to health and wellness. His five pillars for brain health and wellness include:

Our Center’s holistic program of services built from
Dr. Nussbaum’s Brain Health Lifestyle ® includes:


Brain Fitness

Group Therapy
Memory Assessment
Neuropsychological Assessment
Educational Seminars
Corporate Brain Health Programs
Balance and Brain Health Retreats

Site for Independent Neuropsychological Examinations (IMEs) of professional athletes and all suffering Traumatic Brain Injury.


Dr. Nussbaum serves to direct a talented and chosen group of professionals who understand and believe that health is derived from balance and integration on a personal and conscious level.

The Center will serve all people. This includes those who are in need of achieving balance in their lives, those who wish to increase their performance in the classroom, boardroom or athletic field, couples trying to relate to one another in a more understanding way, and those who may be suffering chronic stress, cognitive, memory, mood, or other neuropsychological problem.

Any and all brains can be shaped for health, peak performance, and balance. The Brain Health Center is the place for you to learn about yourself and to bring balance, harmony, and wellness to your life.

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